Words & Music: Lamboo & Van Schoonhoven
Performed, produced and recorded by EUMETRIS


World is hiding in its cloak
Providing cover up from the sun
Sky turns grey the view is gone
The lining is above like a sheet

Oh I feel nothing
There’s no one here
Try to see beyond the fences
Of that gap deep inside of me

My room keeps on spinning
Another judgement day
The road is wet
My mind has lost its way
The moment I start drowning
Is the moment I wake up
Oh I want to stay

Let me tell you about dreams. But I warn you it is not granted that the dream matches the dreamer. Dreams can also be explained in a way that is opposite to what they seem. So they are infallible, since you can deduce the pro’s as well as the contra’s from them.

Close your eyes and think of who you are
Your life brought you this far: a man
If you want to go back to your youth
You’re to make all mistakes once again

The judge calls the witness
Silent screaming in my dream
Everybody’s tugging at my sleeve
The moment I start believing
Is the moment I wake up
Oh I want to stay

I wish I’d met you before
I wish that I could ignore
Holding on to nothing
Holding on to fairytales
Shadows of myself

I need a fair alibi
All I say will be magnified

Oh I feel nothing
Float upon the sea
My face on the surface

Some say dreams that occur just before sunrise refer to the future; those who follow on sunset refer to the past. Dreams are safer in summer and winter than during spring or fall – and more at sunrise than at any other hour of the day. Some others say there is a stone in Batriana named Eumetris, which – if it lies underneath your head while dreaming – turns dreams into solid, sound prophecies.

© 2007 EUMETRIS. All rights reserved.