Expecting The Bubble To Burst

Words & Music: Van Schoonhoven
Performed, produced and recorded by EUMETRIS


And I grew up believing
A fight will never solve a thing
Just turn the other cheek
Only selfdeceiving
And oh, bleeding nose and broken arms

And then I have been swallowed
By all that fancy talk about
A better way of life
Happy tomorrow
Depending on all wishes come true

And no one there to tell me how to find
The reason why we don’t leave all this far behind
And more and more and more I keep expecting
The bubble to burst

And still we keep on dreaming
And so wasting precious time
We could have changed down the world
To its basic meaning
And there will be no
No next time around

Time is always healing
And still stealing my life away

© 2019 EUMETRIS. All rights reserved.