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When I heard this song 'I Am A Rock' for the first time it was the very first time I ever heard about Paul Simon and I played his solo single over and over again until you could almost hear the other side. The feel and lyrics of this song have always fitted me like a glove. It's on my 2022 album 'Like Simon'.
One of the songs from my 'Like Simon' album. The song was written in 1964 while Paul Simon was in England. Its lyrics use the changing nature of the seasons as a metaphor for a girl's changing moods. The inspiration for the song was a girl that Simon met and the nursery rhyme she used to recite, "Cuckoo".
I used to love to go for a ride in my car. Not anymore!!
One of my favourite songs from my album 'Like McHastel', my version of some 'fab four' songs.

Dedicated to the Ukrainian people.

From my 'Like Simon' project.


From my 'Like McHastle' Project.


I was watching the TV-news the other day: hunger, war, refugees, one and all violence and misery. Then they said: “The next report contains shocking footage”. At that moment I really didn’t feel like it, so I switched to another channel and I fell right into the 7th day of the world’s creation story: On the 7th day the Lord looked over His work and He was very pleased………..!!!??? What about the things I saw on the other channel?
Last February 3d it was 30 years since my brother Frans died of AIDS, just one day before his 45th birthday. The whole world knew about his homosexuality but there was never a real ‘coming out’ for his own family. I met my siblings only once or twice a year and this subject was always carefully avoided. In the end when Frans had been ill for quite a while I realy had to force myself even to intend to visit him, but sadly enough far, far too late; death didn’t wait for me.

At his funeral a fado was played that realy cut me through the heart. I have been trying to sing that fado with my own lyrics but that realy didn’t suite my voice. So I wrote my own song, but very much based on that fado. It’s about what and how I felt wandering around his house for the very first and the very last time.

Whenever I get the chance to sing harmonies with other singers, I always try to get this legendary 1977 Simon & Garfunkel & Taylor version of Sam Cookes’ What A Wonderful World on the setlist. It’s so very nice to sing. For the lack of gigs for over a year now, this time I just had to do it on my own as some kind of corona effort/therapy. Fun Though!

When I was writing this song it felt too soft and sweet for me and I almost threw it away. But on the other hand it felt lullaby-ish which I never experienced before and inspired by the intriguing and melancholic harmonies of the lasses I heard all kind of beautiful sounds and voices in it, so I kept going on. In the end when I was recording it, I discovered I’m definitely not the lasses, but with the beautiful string arrangement from my dear friend and fellow EUMETRIS member Hans Lamboo it turned out to be a pretty nice song.
Mijn favoriete song van het Andrew Gold album 'All This And Heaven Too' uit 1978,
maar ik wilde het op een speciale manier doen.

Solouitvoering van 'Guilty Victim', een track van het album 'The Midnight Laundrette' van mijn band EUMETRIS.
Mijmeringen rond het thema dat ouderen moeten gaan netwerken om niet te vereenzamen.
Als je zoals ik geboren bent als kluizenaar, is netwerken volkomen tegennatuurlijk.

Promo video t.b.v. bemiddelingssites voor Huiskamerconcerten.
Beaux Jardins, Everly Beatlesque 2012
BREEZE, Gypsy Woman 1977

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BREEZE, It's Only A Matter Of Time 1978
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